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Do something new in 2016.
Upgrade 2016

Make new contacts. Meet new clients. Sell your products.

Upgrade Digital

Get noticed. Awaken interest. Share information.

Upgrade Print

Move emotions. Inspire with technology. Bring people together.

Upgrade Dialog

Open the door to Europe.

Consumers or enterprise customers want to know who you are, what you are really good at, and all about your products. We can help you tell them what you do and how you do it. Online or in print, in film and at conventions. Together we will develop a strategy that is authentic and communicates your strengths. A simple translation of your website is not enough - make your point and sell your product with experts at communicating about your business in Europe.

Silke Petersen, Projektleiterin bei der RADIUSMEDIA Werbeagentur Bremen
Silke Petersen Project Director
Udo Corleis, Geschäftsführer der RADIUSMEDIA Werbeagentur Bremen
Udo Corleis Managing Partner

The world grows forward.

The move toward a digital world changes everything. Cars drive by themselves, spare parts are "printed" with a 3D printer, bacteria produce energy, drones deliver orders, smartphones can pay for groceries, data flows in real time, prices can be compared instantly, processes are transparent, androids replace personnel, cloudgroups develop technology, monitors can be made from plastic film, crowd-sourcing funds projects, software programs software, robots build robots, machines take care of people, a mirror canchoose your clothes, refrigerators create recipes, watches call the paramedics, shoes deliver electricity, plastic repairs plastic, algorithms decide conflicts, software analyses contracts, cyber-pets encourage sick people...

You have questions.

As you think about establishing your business in the European market, you are looking for pragmatic answers to important questions. Where can I sell my goods? How do I reach consumers? Who makes the decisions? How do I demonstrate the merits of my products? How do I move into the European market?

Our answer: good communication

Worldwide, communication is changing. It is an indispensable interaction. Both online and offline. In print or on film. Your messages are the signposts amid increasing complexity. It is important that they are attractive, simple and understandable. And above all, relevant. Relevant to what you offer and your way of doing business, to your performance, your value system and your expertise.

You know your business. We want to help the world discover it.

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Right: The right thing to do.

That is our belief at RADIUSMEDIA. Our focus is not on what we like, rather, it is on your requirements. And we are really good at what we do. We can be your strategic impetus, your creative idea supplier, or your professional realisation crew. Even better, we can be all of those: the only contact you’ll need to get the job done. Right.

Udo Corleis Managing Partner
  • Strategy Advice
  • Project Consultation
“Medium-sized businesses need reliable sparring partners who think entrepreneurially and act creatively.”
Silke Petersen General Partner, Project Director
  • Project management
  • Art Direction – Content
  • Conception
“We are an experienced team, and we look at your business holistically.”
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You need an agency that understands technology. We do. As well as sales-oriented thinking and how to communicate your expertise to the European market.