Examples of the brand relaunch for Koopmanndruck
Focus: Brand Relaunch
Fit for the future: Our comprehensive communication concept delivers the means for Koopmandruck to position themselves as a high-quality provider of print products, while simultaneously re-positioning themselves in the direct-mail and specialty paper markets.
Examples of an international advertising concept for Orthopädisch-Neurologisches Zentrums ONZ
Focus: International Concept
Medical services from Germany for an international market: We created an informative website with clear imagery, using our own photos, that creates an online presence understood across all countries and cultures.
Examples of multimedia communication for Stahl- und Metallbau IHNEN
Focus: Multimedia Communication
As a result of an extensive multimedia concept utilising the synergy of e-mail, client magazines, corporate videos and websites, Ihnen • Aurich is highly recognisable and receives a consistently high ranking in search engine results.
Examples of brand positioning for Deutsche WindGuard as a comprehensive service provider for the wind energy industry
Focus: Positioning
Our concept for Deutsche Windguard was to establish a clear market position in all means of communication: from the impressive trade show presence, to the responsive website, from company films to the company brochure.
Examples of the marketing strategy for the Windmast from Stahl- und Metallbau IHNEN
Focus: B2B Product Branding
The IHNEN WINDMAST is both an integral part of the marketing strategy as well as a stand-alone product of the umbrella brand. The separate corporate look harmonizes with that of the umbrella company in ads as well as on their own website.
Examples of online marketing for Maharishi Ayurveda Products Europe
Focus: Branding for Long-Distance Retail - Digital
The healthcare market requires sensitive, legally compliant communication. Long distance retail requires a compelling reason for the consumer to purchase online. For this online storefront we combined both with attractive product presentation, detailed product information and a secure ordering process.
Examples of print marketing materials for Maharishi Ayurveda Products Europe
Focus: Branding for Long-Distance Retail – Print
Customer benefits = customer loyalty. Interesting information about the many aspects of Ayurveda through mailings and brochures, attractive product samples, and advertisements help keep both the customers - and sales - in sight.
Examples of direct marketing and B2B marketing for Maharishi Ayurveda Products Europe
Focus: Branding for Long-Distance Retail – POS
We created well thought-out packaging that supports cohesive brand management. Functionality and high brand recognition combined with thoughtful design makes for a harmonious theme that looks the same at the point of sale and the convention booth.
Examples of the presentation of technical expertise in the advertising for Rolf Janssen GmbH
Focus: Technical Competence
Communications for advanced technology must be both technically accurate and at the same time, easily understood. We wrote careful text and used clear images to convince a highly qualified and at times distant, audience.
Examples of the communication of health issues in the advertising for the Maharishi Ayurveda Private Clinic in Bad Ems, Germany
Focus: Film about Consumers’ Sensitive Issues
Health is one of our most sensitive issues. We worked with our client to produce a film documentary that answers consumers’ questions with transparent information and authentic testimonials.
Examples of the adaptation of a marketing concept for use abroad
Focus: Affiliates Abroad
For an affiliate in the US, we used proven marketing instruments. We then tailored our designs and approach for the US market. As a result, the Health Center scored points from the start with its own strong US identity.
Examples of the communications stratgey and advertising materials for Novotronik GmbH
Focus: Highly Specialised Small Businesses
How does one communicate the highly specialised skills offered by these "Hidden Champions"? First of all, with a detailed list of all their standard products and specifications. Secondly, with the presentation of individual solutions expertise for high-tech industries.
Examples of 3-D visualisation and animation for REMON
Focus: Technical Visualisation and Animation
How does one communicate about special technology for effective water management? We created vivid 3D animation that can be used in web, print, in corporate films, as well as a tool for local planning.
Examples of the comprehensive multimedia strategy for REMON
Focus: Multimedia and Specials
The skillful networking of all marketing tools increases the perception of the offer by potential customers. Attractive eye-catchers to be used at the exhibition stand or as a “leave-behind” strengthen the message and demonstrate additional customer benefits.
Examples showing the marketing stratgey for SANDER MARINE/NAVY after a corporate realignment
Focus: Change Concept
In the case of Sander, it was important that the corporate identity and spirit remain instantly recognisable even after a realignment. We did just that, with a new website, brochure, film and presentations for use at trade fairs.